Daikin Air Conditioning Symbols (2023)

1. What Every Daikin Air Conditioner Symbol Means - Crown Power

  • This symbol indicates that the optional Heat Reclaim Ventilation Unit is operating. This recovers heat energy lost through temperature changes caused by ...

  • Here are some of the more common Daikin air conditioner remote symbols that will vary depending on the type and model you choose.

2. Daikin Ac Remote Function ( Symbols Meaning ) - AC Guide

  • Oct 4, 2022 · In Auto mode, Daikin Ac will automatically decide to heat or cool by sensing the current Temperature of the room. · A triangle with arrows symbol ...

  • Daikin Ac Remote Function and Setting are explained in detail, with Symbols meaning, and How to Use Daikin Ac Remote Control in this guide

3. What do the symbols on my controller mean? - Daikin

  • Cool, Heat, Vent, Fan, Dry or Auto The words “Cool”, “Heat”, “Vent”, “Fan”, “Dry” or “Auto” are displayed to present the Operation Mode.

  • Cool, Heat, Vent, Fan, Dry or Auto The words “Cool”, “Heat”, “Vent”, “Fan”, “Dry” or “Auto” are displayed to present the Operation Mode. The Airflow Rate (Airflow level/Fan Speed) symbol is displayed to show the airflow rate that is set for the indoor unit. The airflow rate will not be displayed if the indoor unit does not have the airflow rate control function. Airflow Direction is displayed when the airflow direction swings are set. This icon is not displayed if the indoor unit does not have a function to set airflow directions.


  • Meanings of DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTE Symbols: DANGER. WARNING. CAUTION. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will ...

5. [PDF] Daikin room air conditioner - User reference guide

  • symbol, this chemical symbol means that the battery contains a heavy metal above a certain concentration. Possible chemical symbols are: Pb: lead (>0.004%).

6. [PDF] Operation Manual | Daikin AC

  • This air conditioner comes under the term “appli- ances not accessible to the general public”. Meaning of danger, warning, caution and note symbols. DANGER ...

7. Daikin AC Remote Control Settings | Smart AC Solutions

  • 7 days ago · Other common symbols include fan speed (represented by two swirls), timer (usually clock-like) and mode selection (which looks like an arrow ...

  • Are you having trouble figuring out the settings on your Daikin AC remote control?

8. Understanding your air-conditioner's features and functions | Daikin

  • What do the energy ratings, night or econo mode features on an air conditioner do? Find out how features and function can help you save money.

9. [PDF] OPERATION MANUAL - daikincomfort.com

  • Enjoy year-round comfort. DAIKIN ROOM AIR CONDITIONER. OPERATION MANUAL ... By selecting “. ” from the following icons, the air conditioner will switch to COMFORT.

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